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  We rarely realize that there is so much to receive from our surroundings. We believe we all are individuals and live independently. We have to come out of this illusion and connect with the world around. We are all interconnected with each other and the things around us. We are a part of this network, which includes living as well as non-living beings. This network is so well designed that we have the freedom to function independently yet remain it. Science understands this network as the Hologram.
  This network is very well explained in Vastu Vidya in form of the "Four Purush" or Men "Four Unit" theory. It says that the whole is represented in a part and the part is identical to the whole. These four men are
1. Vastu Purush, which we will discuss in this chapter later.
2. The Man, about whom we already know quite much like his anatomy, physiology etc.
3. The Global man,  it connects us to all living beings on this planet. He consists of all human beings, animals, birds, trees, insects and others, which are made from cell or cells and are capable of producing similar living beings.
4. The Universal man, he connects us to everything in this world as well as that in the cosmos. He tells us to understand that there is nothing existing, which is dead. Even non-living objects are capable of communication
  They also have a complete system within themselves as we do but it is very different from that of ours. Hence we feel them to be more rigid or "Jad". It is just that they are more devoted to their assigned functions by the Universal Man.
  This concept links us with everything from stars and planets to fire, earth, water, ether, space, plants, flowers, medicine, animals and even to bacteria and viruses. It teaches us to live in harmony with everything around and within us. Thus, Vastu Vidya is the art and science of learning to create harmony in all our inner and outer functions and at all the four levels of the four Units / Men.
Four Man Principle
Universal Man supports the Global Man,,
Global Man supports the Man,
Man supports the Vastu man,
Vastu man supports the Brahmasthala,
Brahmasthala supports the Brahma-bindu (the ultimate vital center).
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