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  The Pyramid has puzzled and fascinated mankind since ages. Its history, its size, its engineering and its era have always been a mystery. But most astonishing of all is its function. Why was it built? Why was it only of that shape? How does it work?

What is the Pyramid? A message left by the Gods? The store house of earth's past and future? A mechanism for concentrating unseen psychic energies? A royal tomb? A treasure house? An astronomical observatory? What ever it is, it has always been tantalizing and dazzling to us.

There are numerous questions arising in our mind and a picture of an enormous size in our eyes as we talk about Pyramids. They have always left us baffled with their astonishing way of working, their power of preserving and their energies.

A few years ago, examining the body of an Egyptian princess Mene whose body had lain for millenia in Pyramid, researchers determined that her skin cells were still capable of life, though, the princess was dead for almost 3000 years! Amazing, Isn't it?
  Visible is equally supported by invisible
  Since centuries the Pyramids of Egypt have been a constant inspiration for numerous exciting theories about their purpose and method of construction. Even their enigmatic hieroglyphic texts have mystified many.  
  Everybody from poets to artists to archeologists to travelers have had many interesting things to say about them.  
  But a mystery is nothing but the lack of clarity about that matter. A mystery is like a tree where our eyes can see the upper part of it but not its roots, which are present below the surface. Similarly, science has given us the outer evident fragment of the pyramids. But still the inner formula has to be found out. It is because we are too much involved in searching for materialistic evidences like what stone was used and where did they get it? In spite of being non-archeological people we are so obsessed with all these minor details, which may be of least importance to us. We have to try and see the whole concept of the Pyramids and the real formula behind their construction. We should be able to use that for our purposes and in today's life style.  
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