Pyramid Vastu
  As the application is more practical and very simple, the scope can be very huge. It gives miraculous results in many areas. Some are listed below.  
  Today it is very difficult to get a perfect piece of land. This new PyraVastu gives us a powerful method for activation and simple method for correction. So now your plot for home, factory, shop or farm can be made in perfect harmony for optimum benefits.
  Buildings today have become more complex and irregular in shape according to the modern requirements and lack of space. Also it is just impossible to break or shift the walls physically. Now PyraVastu can shift rooms virtually or improve the shape energy!
  Personal Vastu - a total new concept. For whom do we make all these Vastu corrections? For the Man who lives there. So why not make the Man, Vastu ok first. Only PyraVastu opens the new way to luck enhancement, protection for children, attract good fortune and many other methods for health, money and power.
  Many objects at home or office reflect their own specific properties on us. As we spend 80% of our life-time around these objects they must be in perfect harmony with us. It can be your office table or a bed or computer, Vastu correction is now possible with PyraVastu.
  Vehicles and machines have become a part of your life in the new age of electronics and automation. So starting from your car to a machine at your home or factory; all these can be harmonized. PyraVastu works like magic in this active subject.
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