Pyramid Vastu
The average height of all land above sea level is given to be 455 feet and amazingly the height of Pyramid is also 454.5 feet. (without the capstone)  
The lime stones used in the building of Pyramid were brought from about a distance of 500 miles because there is no evidence of limestone quarry anywhere nearer than that.  
2,600,00 are estimated to be used in making of The Great Pyramid. It was built in 20 years ie. 7300 workdays. This means 365 stones were arranged daily or 30 stones every hour for 12 hours a day. It seems absolutely impossible to put and arrange accurately the stones weighing 2-70 tons in just 2 minutes even with our modern equipment.  
In early spring, when the sun rises just high enough above the apex of the Great Pyramid, the whole shadow on the north face vanishes at the strike of noon.
Lower Egypt is the geographical center of ther land surface of the whole world.
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