Pyramid Vastu
Center activation for Flats
  What if you have a flat on the 5th floor and have no personal land? There is a solution for it too. 
  You have to activate the center. Find the center, and fix 9 Multier pyramid on the ceiling. (see fixing method page 169-170.).
  If your flat or property is under construction you can just place 1 PyraChip under each tile of your whole house and forget the small defects of Vastu!.
Adding power to Plinth for progress
  At the plinth level of any house or factory it is very essential to add more power if one needs fast progress.
  Secondly, in many cases the plinth is irregular in shape. So place 9 Multier in the center and also in the corners if irregular, or cut.If cut,it has to be virtually added and if extended it has to be cut-off by 9 Multier pyramids.
  All Multier pyramids are to be placed under the ground at about 1 feet and the distance between each should be more than 4 inches and less than 10 inches.
9 Multier on the ceiling Underground 9 Multier
Power to center of each Tile
  One of the most powerful yet easy methods is to activate the center of each tile. So place one PyraChip under each tile of your house before fixing it. And make each sq.ft a yantra.
New Wall center method
  This is a new advanced concept of charging the 'Volume Center'. You can activate the center by placing Pyramid yantra on the center of any wall or ceiling. In short all 3 axis.
PyraChip under each tile Energy 9x9 on wall center
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