Pyramid Vastu
Change your perception from the skull to beauty!

Man carries the seed of misery or bliss, hell or heaven, within himself. Whatsoever happens to us, happens because of us.

This figure is not just any other figure even if you may see a skull and a bottle of alcohol. It is a reminder of changing our perception. You will encounter many such eye-openers in the coming chapters.

Just close your eyes for a while and reopen them with positive approach. Now you would see a beautiful young lady there in front of her dressing table. This happened with a simple change in perception.

Life gives you its beauty in all its forms, but our ignorance of appreciating it leads to unhappiness and negativity. If we try to understand things with a fresh perspective each breakdown can become a breakthrough, and each possibility of failure can become a possibility of success. Negativity has an equally forceful potential to be positive, we just have to learn to perceive it differently.
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