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The 15th century was the time of great geographical discoveries. Between the 17th and the 18th centuries people in the West grew quite curious about the shape of the Earth, its size and  any other such queries.

Egyptians already knew all this about 5000 years ago. But nobody was aware of their knowledge which was hidden amidst the hot sands of the Sahara desert. Since none could correctly understand and interpret their language, it remained a secret until the 19th century.

To the ancient Egyptians, numbers were of great significance.
They had hidden meanings for numbers and were not available to common men of that time. Only the priest and highly learned people had access to their meanings. It is an intuitivist thought by some that the pyramids contain all necessary information to ensure the continuation of the world. The Egyptians had a highly evolved method of measuring weights and distance. Our modern mathematics still uses some of those principles like 360-degree circle, 60-second minute, 60-minute hour and many others. They had also a very advanced knowledge of the movements of the Earth plates. When built, the pyramids were in the center of the world and the Great Pyramid of Giza was considered to be the Prime Meridian or the starting point for calculation of time. It was considered that the pyramids were a part of the global co-ordinate system. Even today they are situated almost in the center of the world. Although we believe that the irrational numbers were not discovered before the 3rd century A.D in Greek, the Egyptians had used those in the construction of pyramids 5000 years ago. They had also used the 'pi' and the 'phi' in the construction of pyramids, which only some specially programmed computers of today calculate.
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