Pyramid Vastu
  Here we will learn how we can maximize our potential to become rich and prosperous with the help of a currency note and Pyramid Yantra. We will mentally enhance our positive powers and cross all the negative hurdles.  
Step 1:
Take a new currency note of the smallest value, like a rupee note for India, a dollar note in US, a pound in UK or any other currency prevalent in your country. Make one fold exactly from the center of the note. This is for your reference, which helps you put the note in the center of the pyramid section in the figure. Now open the fold and place the note on the figure shown above. Ensure that the center line of your fold coincides with that of the line shown in the figure.
Step 2:
Now carefully make two folds one after the other on the reference lines A and B, as shown in the figure.
Step 3:
Now give the final touch. Give your note a proper shape by folding all the additional angles at the lower seam. Fix the angles with a glue to make a perfect cross section of the pyramid.
  Your Money Multiplier is now ready for exercise. It is now necessary to energize it with "Prana" or the power to execute. Everyday in the morning put this shaped note in your left hand and place right hand on it. Repeat the affirmation given in the figure, religiously and positively for 15 times verbally. Do this regularly for 30 days. You will see that things have started to change around you, enriching you and your purpose.  
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