Pyramid Vastu
  If you are interested in performing Pyramid experiments you can make one of your own Pyramids. A step-by-step method to prepare one is given below.   
  The simplest Pyramid to prepare is the one that is made of four identical triangles taped together at the side. The efficiency of Pyramid improves if it has a flat base hinged to the bottom of one of the sides. It is possible to make Pyramids as high as you like, provided you keep the proportions constant. You can select and make any size given in the table.  
1 2 Pyramid with platform
  To start with  
1. Take a hard cardboard or a mount board.
2. Measure four rectangles each measuring 200mm base and 161 mm height. Cut them.
3. Put them on a table with the base-side facing you.
4. Draw one centre line on it, 100 mm from both sides.
5. Now connect the line from A to B and B to C as shown in Fig.1
6. Using sharp scissors, blade or cutter cut along AB and BC.
7. Now you will have four Pyramid faces of the same dimensions as that of the Great Pyramid.
8. Put the Pyramid faces on the table and tape them together with a masking or cellulose tape as shown in Fig.2
9. Cut a square piece of the hard cardboard or mount board with 200 mm each side and join this to the base of any one of the Pyramid faces as shown in Fig.2
10. Join all the sides of the Pyramid to complete the model
11. Do not join the base piece in all directions, to allow you to place the required experimenting material inside.
As per the experiments done by researchers, maximum energy concentration in the Pyramid is at its 1/3 rd height from the bottom in the central axis passing from the apex. In the original Pyramid also the King's Chamber is located at 1/3 rd height. So, to get optimum results we will prepare one such platform for our model Pyramid.
12. Now, with the same cardboard make a square platform such that it is 1/3 rd the height of your Pyramid. That will be of approximately 42 mm height and 50 X 50 mm base.
13. Orient your model Pyramid perfectly to the north-south magnetic pole axis of the earth to obtain accurate results.
14. Lastly, stick a spotless white paper on all sides of your model.
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