Pyramid Vastu
We humans have an inborn reaction to any given situation:
1. Fight
2. Flight
We utilize this under any condition of mental, physical or emotional stress. As this is a basic human response, we react very well to any problem having a 'bipolar' solution. Similar is the case for our problems related to health, happiness or prosperity.
Let us understand this with the example of our health- when we are sick our prime goal is to achieve health as quickly as possible. There are a few of us who want health but in a simple yet safe and affordable yet healthy way.
There are two basic ways to achieve health-
1. Outer pole technique
2. Inner pole technique.
Both have their own advantages and limitations.
Outer Pole Technique
  works from outside or physically, like allopathy. It starts to work from outside or on the body level and then goes inwards to bring about health.
Inner Pole Technique
  works from inside like meditation, yoga naturopathy, Reiki or homoeopathy. They start to work from inside or at the vital force and then gradually on the physical level and brings about health.
Modern Science is developed on the Outer Pole Technique, depending more on the materialistic proofs and laboratory reports. The whole stress here is on sickness and disease. Whereas, on the other hand, New Age medicine gives importance to wellness and condition of the mind and spirit of the person who is sick. No doubt both methods are equally good and useful.
Inner Pole Technique is growing more popular today due to its positive approach towards achieving health. Similar is the case with happiness and prosperity; you achieve more when you start solving from within. All we need to do is to cross the threshold of being unable or unlucky and transform ourselves to new, positive, healthy, happy and prosperous human beings. We all are born with immense potential; all we need is to solve this matrix, which prevents us from opening the doors to the wide world of our capabilities. Come with me. Let us trace our path to personal growth with this fresh perception.
When we think of perception we instantly think of the ability to see something and understanding it. Sensing is the most important and constant function of our body. This sensing develops experience through which we interact with our surrounding environment. Without them we would be like any other non-living object, which is not moved by anything occurring in surrounding.
This critical link is the only changeable variant between  body & enviroment.
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