Pyramid Vastu
"Miracles are all over; one just needs a sensitive heart, a perceptive eye, and you will see matter and spirit dancing together everywhere."
Sensing can be understood in two ways:
1. Through gross/physical anatomy
2. Through subtle/unseen anatomy
All of us know some basic physical anatomy. We have read it in our science books in school. Here let us make a simple effort to understand its deeper anatomy.
These five senses continuously interact with the outside environment as well as inner understanding. They act through body on command of the brain. These senses reach our brain via our body receptors. Our brain analyses them and sends information to their designated sites.
These sites set up a program according to which there are chemical or electrical changes in the body. The chemical changes are the formation of hormones and their release while electrical changes initiate an impulse in a nerve. These changes ultimately monitor the functioning of the body. Here body and brain function rhythmically together .
To bring about harmony within us we must learn more about the finer ends of our existence. These finer ends or the senses are the bridge connecting our mind with matter. It is easier to manipulate at the finer ends than to achieve modifications at the gross ends. Out of the five powerful ends we possess, in this book we would understand only about one vital end, which is the eye.
Bridge connecting the mind with the matter
According to anatomy we have five senses:
visual (light)
auditory (sound)
olfactory (smell)
gustatory (taste)
tactile (touch)
Five organs are
Visual : Eye
Auditory : Ear
Olfactory : Nose
Gastatory : Tongue
Tactile : Skin
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