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  Dr. Dhara Bhatt is a homoeopath and a naturopath. She is also a natural clairvoyant and a divine healer. She started reading auras at the age of seven. She has assisted Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt in his numerous workshops and programs all over India. She has herself conducted many workshops on aura reading, including the one at International Conference on Bio-energy. She has also visited the Pyramids of Egypt with Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt to experience and study personally the infinite powers of Pyramids.  
  Her diverse interests in learning have led her to study and practice PyraVastu, PyraReiki and Cosmic Meditation to learning languages like German and Russian. As an avid yet selective reader she has always loved books. she began to write herself to reach others. she offers her readers a simple, comprehensive and practical understanding of a concept.  
  Prof. Dr. Jiten  Bhatt  
  Founder of the PyraVastu, Pynergy & Pyramid Yantra. Ancient healing art consultant. Health awareness promoter. Bio-Energy scientist. Also Friend, Philosopher and Guide for thousands like me.   
Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt
  "This book is based on knowledge and experience I gained from my dear father, Dr. Jiten Bhatt, by being with him for almost all my life till today. Also, I have learnt from his way of life, his teachings, workshops and researches. Hereby, I reveal myself to you."
  Dr. Dhara Bhatt
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